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Episode 1- Do I need a REALTOR® when I buy a home?

Welcome to SELL901 U!

Episode 1- Do you need a REALTOR® when you are buying a home?

Have you ever wondered exactly how the commission paid to a REALTOR® works when you buy a home?

Worried you can’t afford it?

Well, this edition of Sell901 U will explain a lot more about how that works!




Here’s some information about the  key terms if you aren’t sure what they mean:

For Sale By Owner: Pretty much what it sounds like. The owner has decided not to use an agent to assist them in selling their home.

Co-op: This means the owner is selling the home themselves, but is willing to pay a commission to the agent representing the buyer.

Listing Agent: This is the agent who is helping the owners  sell the home. They are the ones with the sign in the yard!

The MLS: Multiple Listing Service. This is the huge database of all the homes listed in the area.

It’s what REALTORS® and FSBO owners use to connect their home for sale to all the other agents in the area.

We look forward to educating you on all different aspects of the real estate process! Follow us on Facebook to see our Sell901 U videos each week- and if you have suggestions or ideas for things you’d like to learn about, let us know in the comments!

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